Busting Weight Loss Myths- Part 1

Busting Weight Loss Myths- Part 1

So you've just started with a new weight-loss program and naturally, you want to see results as quickly as possible. Perhaps you have a major event coming up or a pair of jeans you need to fit into by next week. Whatever the case may be, you want to drop a lot of weight as quickly as possible. 

Do you believe you can lose a lot of weight within a short period of time? 


Think again!

We are sorry to break it to you, but losing a lot of weight in a short period of time is impossible. Some people definitely lose weight more quickly than others, but for the most part, losing weight necessitates making wise, conscious and consistently healthy decisions and, in most cases, a lot of patience. Here are some of the biggest myths about rapid weight loss. Don't be swayed by common misconceptions about shedding the extra weight-


Weight loss is always accompanied by fat loss-



You might be ecstatic that you are losing weight quickly if you notice a sudden reduction on the weighing scale, especially overnight. However, this does not rule out the possibility of water weight loss. 

What exactly is water weight? So this is the additional water trapped between cells in tissues, joints and body cavities because of consuming too much sodium or due to hormonal changes. Although it may sound counter intuitive, you can reduce this water weight by drinking enough water and getting some exercise.


You can lose weight from targeted problem areas-



Maybe you are worried about the weight on your waistline and want to get rid of it as soon as possible. We hate to tell you that you won't be able to do so. Of course, with the right diet, exercise and appropriate supplements you can lose weight in general, but there's no way of localizing it to the waist, thighs or any other body part. Exercises can help tone muscle, which can make specific body regions appear thinner but overall fat loss is what you should be aiming for. 


Juice cleanses can help you lose weight quickly-



Juice cleanses have been promoted as a rapid way to lose weight and detox the body. However, this is far from true. While you may be consuming less calories, you are also consuming a lot of liquid sugar, which can cause blood sugar to surge and weight gain. 

It's also never a good idea to deprive yourself. Your body goes into conservation mode because it doesn't know when its next meal is going to be. While decreasing calories will result in weight loss, doing so for an extended period of time can have the opposite impact.


Hope this will help you to begin your slim-down journey! Stay tuned for our next blog where we will bust a few more myths on weight loss.

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