Busting Weight Loss Myths- Part 2

Busting Weight Loss Myths- Part 2

In our previous blog, we busted some common weight loss myths. We’ve already seen why weight loss is not always accompanied by fat loss, why it’s not possible to lose weight from targeted problem areas and why juice cleanses can help you lose weight quickly.

We are back now with a few more misconceptions that people have about weight loss. If you are making these mistakes, stop and think!


Cutting out carbohydrates will help you lose weight quickly-

When people want to lose weight quickly, they often go on a crash diet that eliminates carbohydrates entirely. Carbs have been dubbed the diet devil, and many people (mistakenly) believe they cause weight gain in any situation. However, this is nutritionally incorrect. Eliminating carbs completely can promote weight gain because you are missing out on filling fibre and likely to substitute it with other macros. Fibre aids weight loss. So what you need to do is- eliminate processed carbs but include whole grains and fibre-rich fruits and vegetables plentifully in your diet.


Sweating Can Help You Lose Weight-

Some people use steam rooms or saunas to ‘sweat it out’ in an effort to lose weight quickly. While the number on the scale may appear to move, you are merely losing water weight and you are most likely to regain this after a salty meal or a glass of wine. Additionally, elevating your body temperature for an extended period of time might be harmful.



Diet sodas are better for you-

Sodas are high in calories and sugar, with a lot of strange components that are linked to metabolic problems. Still, people crave them with pizzas, burgers or other high-fat foods or at the movies. For that reason, zero-calorie and diet sodas exist. But stating that they are better or healthier than ordinary Coke is simply false. The artificial sweeteners used in these diet drinks have been related to obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease. To cut the long story short, skip these diet drinks and opt for plain water.

Hope this two-blog series helps you to stay at the top of your weight-loss journey!

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