Green Smoothies for Weight Loss

Green Smoothies for Weight Loss

Sometimes we are just not in the mood to eat our fruits and vegetables. Nor do salads taste great. So, how would it be to start the day with a healthy and tasty green breakfast smoothie that makes you feel energised and awesome?


Smoothies are a great breakfast replacement if you are looking to lose some weight. This creamy and low-calorie drink will curb hunger and will keep you satiated for longer. Besides, it will also nourish your body and boost the immunity with anti-inflammatory and nutrient-dense ingredients. Green smoothies are definitely a great way of increasing your fruit and vegetable consumption.


But does labeling a drink as a Green smoothie make it healthier enough?


Definitely no! Smoothies can be far from healthy if they are loaded with fruit, juices, and sweeteners!


To keep the sugar content in your smoothie to a minimum, ensure that you add less than one cup of fruit in total. Do not add any juices, and instead opt for some unsweetened nut milk, plain water or coconut water.


Another trick to make a green smoothie taste good is to add just about a handful of leafy green vegetables. If you add more kale or spinach your smoothie will end up tasting like the vegetables. Also, there is no better fruit than pineapple that enhances and uplifts the flavour of the smoothie.


You can add in super foods such as chia seeds, flax seeds, and hemp seeds for added benefits. Other optional additions could be turmeric powder, ginger, or cinnamon powder. You can make any of these simple and healthy green breakfast smoothies so versatile that you can pretty much add in or swap out some of the ingredients as per your taste. The options are unlimited!


So, treat yourself with some of these healthy green breakfast smoothies that will give you the much-needed boost of energy for your busy days. 

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